Membership organizations

Become a member as an organization in order to participate in the various activities of AVG and ensure your support!

Conditions of admission

  • must be an organization, association or legal person interested in the goals and activities of the organization,
  • must have a place of business in the Outaouais or East Ontario administrative regions,
  • pay the annual membership fee of $100 from September 1st to August 31st of each year,
  • satisfy any other condition that the Board of Directors may decree by way of regulation,
  • Appoint a representative.

Rights of organization members

  • right to receive notices of meetings of members, to attend such meetings by way of a representative, and entitled to one vote,
  • right to a maximum of five (5) of your members for each of our activities, such as our exhibitions and our workshops.
Any organization member may at any time dismiss his/her representative by notifying by email this member and the secretary of the organization of this dismissal, and replace this representative by another person, by email sent to the secretary of the organization at [email protected]

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