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Hello to all,

It's sunny, it's hot, and summer is here! Activities are resuming gradually, but Chalet Chénier will only reopen when fall classes begin. We will take the opportunity to do a major cleaning and reorganization of the premises. Space will also be made for the Farmers' Circle, which will now share the place with us. Upon reopening, hygienic measures to be followed will be put in place.

However, just because the room is closed does not mean that the team stops working on projects! On Main Street you can see the Sidewalk Art project designed by the Koncept Art team. Heritage research is also underway to create a compilation of a few artists who have marked the Gatineau region. We must not forget the Gatineau artists’ virtual studio tour which will take place at the end of September. And with all this, we are also in the process of improving our means of communication. So expect some changes.

We wish you a good summer of arts and creations. Do well!

Catherine Garcia Cournoyer

Exhibition « Innocence » postponed to 2021 

We are saddened to announce that our collective juried exhibition 2020 of the Visual Arts of Gatineau “Innocence” at the Pierre-Debain gallery has been postponed to 2021. 

The precise timing will be confirmed at a later date.

Gatineau artists’ virtual studio tour 2020

Gatineau Virtual Artists' Studio Tour is taking place in our next season of events: Sept. 23-Oct. 12. We have 30 artists of the Gatineau region as well as our Honorary President, Danielle Pare that are proudly exhibiting works in our virtual space during that time. Our Facebook page will also share works and studio tour videos. Artists will participate in a round table discussion during the tour. Come join us as we view their works and share in their successes!

Workshop and training survey

We would like to thank the members who participated in the workshop and training survey; about half of the members participated. We will analyze the results and use them to identify training needs and interests and to plan future workshops and training. Some people indicated that they were interested in giving workshops, without giving their contact details and what kind of workshop. Please provide us with the information as soon as possible.

Art on the sidewalk

Vibrant colors are at the corner of rue Principal and rue Court. You can find on the ground the work made by the artists Marin Mitrasinovic and Philippe Landry. The project is in partnership with Audrey Bureau, municipal councillor of Aylmer. Following its success, we plan to redo the project next year!

Renewals for the 2020-21 season is coming

An email with the registration form will be sent to all members towards the end of August 2020,

For those who pay by check, you must note any change in your contact information on this form. Checks will be cashed after September 1, 2020.

For those who wish to pay via our website by credit card can do so FROM September 1, 2020. You must also notify us by email of any change in your contact information.


Following Covid 19, we will start again some of the workshops (if the trend continues).

Here is the list of workshops (to be confirmed in early September)

  • Monday workshop
  • The pleasure of painting beginners
  • The pleasure of intermediate painting
  • Special workshop: The landscape under the magnifying glass
  • Special workshop: Cutting

The building at 515 Jean Chénier will now be occupied jointly by us ARTS VISUEL DE GATINEAU and by CERCLE DES FERMIÈRES d'AYLMER. Several improvements and renovations will be made to the premises by the City of Gatineau, to make it more operational, attractive and inviting for all its members. This more optimal occupation of the premises should not interfere with our activities (meetings and workshops).


Le centre d’art contemporain de l’Outaouais (CACO), in collaboration with the City of Gatineau and the National Capital Commission of Canada (NCC) is back with a fourth edition of RECYCL'ART de Gatineau, to be held at the park from the Brasserie brook on rue Montcalm, from July 4 to August 23, 2020. For more information:

Chez Art x Terra, nous avons réalisé que les artistes qui avaient du succès étaient ceux qui intégraient les bonnes pratiques d’affaires dans la communication et la diffusion de leur travail artistique.  C’est pourquoi nous avons développé avec les années un endroit où les artistes peuvent se retrouver et trouver tout ce dont ils ont besoin pour développer leur carrière artistique de façon lucrative et épanouissante. Pour plus d’information :

Call for participation : Exposer le confinement

Culture has been closed for a moment now, artists have lost contracts and that being said, most of their incomes if not all of it. This platform has the mission to help artists of the Natiional Capital Region and the Outaouais, by doing a project very similar to Les Encans de la Quarantaire (Quarantine’s Auctions), created by Montréal’s Sara A Tremblay.

Call for candidatesPrix du CALQ – Artiste de l’année en Outaouais (date limite : 21 août)

The Prix du CALQ – Artiste de l’année (the CALQ prize for Artist of the year), accompanied by a cash award of $10,000, recognizes artists or writers who have distinguished themselves for the vibrancy of their career and the excellence of their recent work.

Call for participation aux Journées de la culture

Complètement chamboulée en raison de la pandémie, la culture sera plus que jamais mise en valeur lors des 24e journées de la culture qui s’étireront exceptionnellement sur un mois cette année. Du 25 septembre au 25 octobre plusieurs artistes, travailleurs et travailleuses de la culture pourront retrouver le public et célébrer la relance du milieu sous le thème Les 1001 métiers de la culture. L’organisme procède présentement à l’appel à participation en vue de cette édition unique.

« Un été sans pareil » pour les activités culturelles à Gatineau

Malgré la pandémie de COVID-19, des activités culturelles seront offertes à Gatineau cet été. La programmation, adaptée aux circonstances, inclut notamment des concerts en plein air, des jeux d’évasion, un Sentier culturel légèrement modifié et l’ouverture du StudiOdyssée, un studio virtuel conçu par la Maison de la culture.


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