This is a summary of the research Portraits of Artists of Gatineau, from 1955 to the present day. The research is only in French, but if you want to see it in its entirety and see the images of the artists, please go to this address:


To celebrate its 65th anniversary, the Arts visuels de Gatineau has asked art historian, Jessica Ragazzini to trace the portraits of various international renown artists and picture the artistic life of Gatineau. She has reminded us, firstly, that in 1955 some women artists have founded the Aylmer Association to develop arts in their town by organizing classes and expositions. Originally, all types of arts had their places in this group which will later take the name of Aylmer Art Council in 1978. The Association would then become Arts visuels de Gatineau in 2019 to better adapt to the demographic changes. Many artisans have been selected for their important role in Gatineau’s artistic life and their radiating influence internationally. Beginning with Henri Masson and John Stanley Walsh from Europe, then the Canadian Robert Stewart Hyndman and Jean Dallaire. These names, known to collectors and museums have honoured us with many exhibitions and publications.

To continue with other key artists of Gatineau we have Shirley Van Dusen and Paul Lajoie. A former student of Robert Hyndman, Van Dusen was involved in the artistic life of the Gatineau-Ottawa region. In 1955, she participates in the founding of the Conseil des Arts d’Aylmer. Specialized in watercolour and oil painting, she became a renowned portrait artist. Paul Lajoie, former student of Bernard Leach, one of the most important ceramic artists of the 20th century, was an art professor at Ottawa University. Critics have compared his abstract art to Jackson Pollack and Barnett Newman.

Suzanne Joubert is a multi-talented artist from our region. Painter, art critic and teacher, she was among prestigious juries. Her pieces are now conserved in many important private and public collections.

Vincent Theberge is master of various mediums. He has left his mark as an engraver and in graphical design. For all his pieces, he became a member of l’Ordre de Gatineau in 2008.

Robert Emile Fortin was born in Hull in 1945 and kept working in his hometown. He devoted himself to Graphism and teaching art. He is renowned for his non-figurative and naive mural painting. His current research is oriented toward screen prints and all the possibilities of computer graphics.

Rita Rodrigue is a former student of Henri Masson and has devoted herself to the teaching of the arts, notably at Cégep de l’Outaouais. She has participated in around thirty individual exhibitions in many countries.

Cecile Boucher is a former student of Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) where she learned plastic arts. Scholarships enabled her to expose her pieces internationally. Since 1998, she is very implicated in the regional artistic life. Her pieces are based on self-discovery and are conserved in many important collections.

Marie-Jeanne Musiol is a pole artist very implicated in Gatineau’s cultural life. Director of La Galerie Montcalm in 1981, she invested herself in multiples aesthetic projects. Her photographic installations have given her the gratitude of her peers, notably Le Prix Hommage de la Ville de Gatineau.

Jean-Yves Vigneau is an artist from the Îles-de-la-Madeleine who moved to the Outaouais region since 1973. He has created more than twenty-five public pieces which have given him his renown. He received many prizes like l’Hommage de la Ville de Gatineau in 2015.

Diane Genier is one of the founders of AXENÉO7, DAÏMÔN and the Hecate group. She played an essential role in the artistic life of Gatineau, notably by her teachings of the plastic arts in regional universities.

Josée Dubeau is specialized in drawings, videos and public art. She devoted herself to an international research, then she taught sculpture in universities. She uses geometry has a base for her creations.

Anne Thibault is a research artist with an atypical path. Her meeting with biologist has pushed her to discover and eliminate what separates scientific research and artistic workshops. The micro-organisms she is studying are presented as an artistic expression. Her pieces are conserved in many collections, notably those of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

Denis Charrette, engraver and sculptor is of Algonquin origin. His pieces are inspired by the native culture. As he received many prizes, he produced pieces that are in many North American and European collections. In 2006, l’Espace Pierre-Debain organized a retrospective of his piece.

A new generation

The artistic succession is evoked by a group of young artists supported by a network of galleries, art centre and the École multidisciplinaire de l'image from Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Researcher: Jessica Ragazzini

Project managers for this research: Catherine Garcia Cournoyer, Guy Bessette and Linda Girard

This research contains a limited number of prints. Copies are available for reading at the City of Gatineau Library and at certain cultural and artistic places in the region.

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